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Donnelly Packaging Design 05
Convenient solution to healthy eating
Fresh fruit and veg brand Donnelly came to us looking to launch a new range of salad that offered a convenient solution to healthy eating without compromising on quality. Their previous packaging was lacking a brand story and message, which is where we stepped in.
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Our challenge was to create a brand that captured the deliciousness of fresh Irish produce, whilst maintaining the Donnelly family heritage. We wanted to create a future-facing brand that remained authentic, honest and true to their core brand values. We set out to ensure the high quality of the product was reflected in the branding and packaging.

The logo creates the negative space illustration of a spade at the centre of the D, playing homage to the farming history of the brand. The accompanying logotype is reminiscent of Irish fruit and veg stall signage with a modern flourish.
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Donnelly Packaging Design 06
The packaging centres around the freshness of the product. We integrated the leaves into the design to reinforce the message of natural, fresh salad whilst also illustrating the flavour options.

Partnering with photographer Amber Locke, we developed patterns of leaves that covered the packaging and brand world to highlight the quality of the product. We did the shoot in natural light to emphasise the freshness of Donnelly’s produce. We loved the fact these beautiful leaves became art pieces in their own right.

The colours from each shoot were then used to inspire the flavour themes, creating appetising and enticing labels.
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Donnelly Packaging Design 010
We set out to create a premium brand that stayed true to the Donnelly family ethos whilst bringing it to the 21st century. Our new branding has successfully translated across packaging, promotional material and online services to ensure a 360 degree approach.

It is stocked in premium stores like Super Value, Fallon and Byrne and Euro Spars, having only launched three months ago there are many other listings in the pipeline.
Donnelly Packaging Design 10
Ann Bolger
Managing Director, Donnelly Fruit & Veg
“White Bear fully understood the brief and impressed us with their energetic approach and creativity. They captured the essence of what we wanted to achieve and helped us develop a fresh identity by presenting us with carefully considered options that tested the boundaries of our brand. We wanted to stand out from the rest and they have delivered on that, without question.”
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