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Virtual Event: Unlocking B2B
Brand Excellence
Join us for a free virtual event on B2B Brand Excellence.

Most B2B brands are indistinguishable from their competitors (50%). Most B2B buyers aren’t ready to buy (up to 95%). And 71% of B2B ads generate no sales due to poor creativity.

And yet many B2B companies settle for short-term tactics for growth, content with blending in with their competitors and engaging only a small proportion of their available market.

Herein lies a huge opportunity, and we’re seeing many B2B brands take advantage, to huge effect.

Why Attend?

Learn how to grow a B2B brand beyond expectations.

We will cover:

— Key research showing the pitfalls and opportunities of B2B marketing
— How emotional marketing can help B2B brands grow
— How to speak to those audiences that are not actively buying
— How to build a distinctive B2B brand that sticks in the minds of your audience
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