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Thinking of a rebrand?

Not sure if one is required?

Here's a short list we've compiled of some of the key reasons a company may want to rebrand.
1. Positioning change ⊹
Brand positioning is changing and its existing brand identity does not speak to the revised positioning and target audience.

2. Target audience change 🎯
Your existing target audience has evolved over time, or you’re trying to appeal to a new set of customers.

3. Business change πŸ“Š
'What’ the business does has fundamentally changed and the brand identity no longer represents it accurately.

4. Price Premium πŸ’°
You want to command higher margins/premiums but your existing brand identity is not set up to do so.

5. Reputational Damage ❌
The brand has suffered material reputational damage and a fresh start or wholesale change is required.

6. Lacking Standout 🟧
Your brand lacks standout in its sector, is not memorable in the eyes of your target audience, or is mistaken for competitors.

7. Outdated and lacking credibility πŸ’Ύ
You've built a strong business and the identity has not moved in tandem with it. It looks outdated and lacks credibility.

8. Structural 🏠
New brands have been added to the business and they don't tie together in a cohesive brand architecture.

9. Name change ❞
The brand name has changed and it is an appropriate time to update the rest of the identity to align with any other wider brand strategy changes.

10. Commercial targets πŸ“ˆ
You've challenging commercial targets that necessitate a change in brand strategy.

11. Employee Engagement πŸ‘
You want to attract and retain the best talent.

12. Brand story change πŸ“£
Your brand story has changed and your existing identity does not accurately reflect your brands purpose, mission, vision and values.
What next?

Building a business case for that rebrand? Read more about the ROI of branding here.

If you want a steer on any of the above, or think you could do with some help, feel free to book a call or drop us a mail.
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