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Kelly Bw
This month, our founder and Creative Director Kelly spoke to Creativepool for their Company Spotlight piece, sharing some of her learnings behind growing White Bear, as well as some of her influences, passions, and a bit about what it’s like to work with us.

Kelly is passionate about gender equality and believes that we are in the ‘female century’ where women are no longer just family starters. She is addressing why this as well as ensuring her agency is leading by example, with the agency made up of 70% female talent.

Here’s some background of why she started White Bear:

My agency was born from a few realisations. One, you don’t have to have a big team to do global, impactful work. The last piece of work I worked on as an ‘employee’ was a global rebrand carried out by a team of four.

Secondly – sitting on a hot, stuffy tube made me realise there has to be something better than the monotony of going in every day. I started thinking, why can’t I do what I love from home, or anywhere? And finally, realising that building an agency was a dream of mine, and I wanted to chase my own dreams rather than work for someone else’s.

To read more about White Bear and Kelly’s journey, click here.
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